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As a naturopath, Dr. Elmot Clervil does not only sell supplements but I also do Health assessment for everyone who wants to live a healthy life. A health assessment allows you to get more information about your personal health. It will help you to know the level of vitamins and minrals in yor body and identify different types of heavy metals that are present  in your body.You will exactly know what you should get to boost your immune system in order to fight diseases . You will also notice the level of internal cleanness, where you were, where you are and where you are going in health road, and much more. I encourage everybody to do the same like  other smart people have done in the past and today.

To do so you need to call 973-371-3877 to set up an appointment for your first evaluation with Dr. Elmot Clervil.

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Toothach is not only painful is also ennoying, you are unable to eat or drink anything somethimes. The reason why because a lack of good care of this precious tools, bleeding gum, gum infection, smoking, beaking hard object with the teeth, diseases like diabetes, menopause or andropause, eating too much sweets are the result of tooth trouble. You could keep your teeth by using SPECIALMOT OILS. It works rightaway for you, it will get rid of your pain and stop the bleeding. Your teeth maintain your beauty, please do not loose them, keep themfor good with this supplement.



Bad breath is the worst thing that people with any sex or any age do not want to deal with. You cannot kiss your men or women, you cannot hug your friends, you cannot speak to your supervisor, etc. Therefore your life is miserable, but you have to live any way. this abnormal makes people spend a lot of money in seing dentists, cleaning or extracting their teeth or using spray or threwing gum. Most of the time, none of them works because the causes could be liver, kidney, gum,lung disease,sinus ithroat infections, indisgestion, constipation, dirty tong, lack of dental hygiene, dyhadration, consuming garlic, onions or others, and certain diseases like diabetes. For that,  Dr. Elmot Clervil puts together a package composed of : LIVERLMOT DETOX LIQUID PLUS, POWERED OILS and GET READY to help you live with dignity. This package will naturally adress your problem. Next time you can kiss your partner without any fear of being repelled.


You could always keep your prostate all your life as it used to be in the past. All you have to do is to start paying attention early to it before you reach fifty years. this way you will detect on time any abnormalies in it. For instance, if you are sexually active, you are always dealing with urinary tract infections, if you get different partners, if you are infested with parasites, if you have frequent night urination and also other health contidions like kidney diseases,diabetes, hypertention, etc, you must start taking THE PROSTALMOT PKG.  Before being ready for your doctor's appointment, use this package to inhibit any prostate issues such as: infection, overuse, lack of normal hormone level or circulation in your prostate. Operation should not be your only option, Prostalmot Pkg is your second one.


 Impotence  is embarrasing for men. It is not only when you do not have erection at all but, it is the fact that you are unable to sustain an erection and unable to satisfy your partner and yourself as a man. Since many ailments could affect your sexual performance, it is very important to identify the problem so that you can fix it. It could be: stress, fatigue, physical pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, low male hormone, prostate diseases, poor nutrition, certain operations or medications, too much estrogen, stroke, heart attact, thyroid malfunction, neurologic diseases like alzheimer's, parkinston disease, epilepsy, sezure, penile scar tissues, kidney troubles. In order to deal with these issues, men need to be ready to get great supplements like those in Elmotclervil health food store to do the job.
I suggest this package for men: Tooleemen, Kraze Kabann, Katoushelmot (Kraze Kabann PKG), with this package, the man's power is in your hands.
Click on each product indivially and see together what they could do to help you rebuilding your manhood. Depending on your health conditions, you may need more than one package. Do anything you can to get your erection back, it is the only thing men have.

 This a natural medecine in liquid that addresses man's problems. Sexual enhancement is not just an old man's problem. It affects young and old people. Prostate right now is not only 40 or 50 years old men but 30's and even younger men also. This combination of herbs has been used by the ancients for the treatment of: impotence, prostate, lack of libido, stamina, weakness, back pain, infertility, fatigue, stress, testosterone.


Katoushelmot is the only erectile disfunction supplement in capsules available for men  in the store. It is very convenient for those who are travelling, Katoushelmot can be taken during day or at least two hours before action. If nothing happens, it stays there for the next date. Do not worry, no headache, no insomnia or other health problems . Katoushelmot is the real tool for a man to work with.

Kraze Kabann

Kraze Kabann is the latest impotence supplement made by Dr. Elmot Clervil. If your problems are premature ejaculation, weakk erection, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, infertility, lack of libido, Kraze Kabann is the product that you need. It gives the full strengh that you need to perform, the great pleasure that you are looking for. Whenever you have this supplement in your hands, your partner will pay more attention to you. Get it and be very confident.


Men, women, and children could find themselves in  a very embarrasing situation whenever it comes to control their urine. In the real world someone urinates between three to four hours. If you have to go to bathroom every twenty, thirty, fourty five or sixty minutes or just do it on your bed while you are sleepping, there is a problem. If you go to see your doctor,he may tell you drink less water or  when it is six PM stop drinking water. this advice is not going to solve your problem, imagine yourself driving somebody who is a customer, trap in a busy traffic or run a machine that you have to supervise around the clock what could happen to you may be very shocking. That could be very stressful to you. To solve the frequent urination problem, you need to know the causes of it other wise, nothing works for you. It could be infections, kidney stones, liver, heart, lungs, prostate, bladder disease, diabetes, hypertension, indigestion, hormone imbalance, pitutaary disorder, certain medication, pregnancy, ovarian cysts, fibroids, PMS, parasites,allergies. If you are looking for help with frequent urination, your search is over. CONTROLMOT URINE PKG is the one that is going to take care of you run.


These days, people are struggling with yeast imbalance and dysbiosis.

If you have three or more of these symptoms, please ask for my four weeks complete detoxification program as soon as it is possible, with that you will be able to go back to your feet as a normal human being.

Acid reflux, gas bloading, nausea, vomiting, chest pain after eating, constipation, hemorrhoids, acne, itchy, bieeding gum, bad breath, breatihng difficulties or urinate, frequent urination during day or night, insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea,  depression, constant allergies, burning sensassion in the mouth, penis, vagina or anus, white,yellow, green discharge, chronic fatigue, feeling sleepy after meal, impotence, dryness of the vagina, lack of libido, bleeding after sex, heart palpitation during or after sex, low sperm count, slappy erection, cold hands and feet, gaining or losing weight, dizziness, blood lipid and sugar imbalances, anovulation, inferlity, miscarriage, hemorrhage, scape menstruation,  blood in urine, sperm or feces, change in skin color in any part of the body, becoming hairy or loosing hair, etc

The immune system is very important in someone's life. It is the security of your health, without a robust immune system you cannot give a strong response to invaders like: bacteria, virus, yeast, fungus, parasite, prion or allergens. The CD4 cell counts form the immune system and they are made in the spleen, lymph nodes and in the bone marrow. they have to be between 500 to 1500, if after lab culture they find out that your CD4 cells are less than 250 they can conclude that you have HIV because this disease is one those that destroy the fighting cells bring that low. If you plan to increase your immune in the ideal.